Monday 12 December 2016

Vancouver - Canada

Dressew in Vancouver/Canada


When I was in Vancouver with my son a few years ago he discovered this big shop, named DRESSEW, a crafter´s paradise.

On the main floor they sell lots of different fabrics.

And felt.

Also you can find a huge variety of fake fur.

And a paradise for quilters.

One level downstairs you will find ribbons, elastic, cords of all colors.

Also luggage straps sold per meter and bias ribbons.

And many zippers of all qualities.

In former times they sold tapisserie wool for 10 cents. I bought a lot and made embroidered cushion covers:

I hope DRESSEW will offer tapisserie wool and count fabric in the future.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Vienna - Austria

I have to post a few fotos from Austrian`s best retailer for craft material. Today I was in Kritzendorf, about 20 km outside of Vienna. A small town with a big company, which is called
                                                                                              M├╝ller - Stoffe

It is a huge old building with two floors. On the ground floor in former times it was more or less a flee market, but nowadays they offer different kind of fabrics and crafting material.

Sometimes you can find there yarn, they sell it for 1 € for 1 kilo - it is very cheep, but unfortunately they do not have a wide range.

On the first floor you will find curtain fabric and accessories.

And lots of ribbons.

They also have super lace.

Ricrac, elastic ribbon,...

And thousands of buttons.

I bought the yarn of the vest which I posted last week at Kritzendorf.

At your next Vienny trip take the train to Kritzendorf, in 20 minutes you will be there.