Sunday, 26 June 2016


Jimo, Qingdao

Last week in Quingdao I was looking for a fabric market and found one in Jimo/Qingdao. The market is still very original.

You can buy lots of laces, cotton and polyester, they also offer various ribbons and hardware for bags.

In former times (1898 -1919) Qingdao belonged to German Empire. You can also find Catholic churches there.

Qingdao is a harbour city in the Shandong province, in the east of China.
2008 the Olympic games - the sailing competition - took place in Qingdao.

In the harbour city you can visit a very large shopping center.

Have a break and taste the Tsingtao beer...

Tsingtao is the older name og Qingdao.

Enjoy the nice city !

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