Sunday, 10 April 2016


Wenzhou City, Fabric Market

One of the large fabric markets in Shenyang is located on 4 th and 5 th floor of Wenzhou City. You will find it down town behaind the Walmart store. It is a huge buildingwhere they also sell spices, fruits, sweets, household items,... and on the 6 th floor you can have a lunch in between, you will find a lot of take away food at this food court. Also the Qingdao Beer tastes good.

On the 4 th floor there is a lot of shops with zippers, lining material, beding fabric, ribbons, interfacing,...

On the 5 th floor you will find lycra fabric of different weight, cotton and polyester fabrics -

wool and cashmere fabrics for jacket and coats. They also have traders for worsted wool - used for men suits. One of the small shops sells remnants from designer fabrics.

I bought a 2 m piece of boucle fabric and made this jacket. Because of the fabric pattern it was barely enough for this jacket:

Jacket and skirt by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth

Fine silk fabrics are available for a fair price.

Shortly before Christmas I bought some pure wool remnants. I made also a jacket similar to this from above, I wear it now, but my daughter is the model:

Jacket and skirt by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth

Model: J. Magdalena

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